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    Afternoon all, it's 45º out there and clear skies with some wind too.
    Have a great day everyone...

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    Mostly sunny ad 73 today ...

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    Afternoon all, it's 41º and cloudy and misty with some snow in it also..
    A Blizzard is on it way for us but will see if that happens..
    Have a great weekend ...

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    Morning all, we are at 31º with blizzard condition outside..
    hope the rest of you are staying inside out of the weather and be safe..
    have a safe day and stay warm ...

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    cool and clear

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    Well we survived the blizzard and we had 5.5" of snow and with 2 foot drifts..right now we have 32º with high clouds and some sun shining through.
    Have a great day and a Blessed day...

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    Power washed the deck so I can apply and fresh coat of deck stain ...

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    cool and clear

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    Afternoon all, We have clear skies and 38º and light wind today..
    The snow is melting and the snow drifts still look the same..
    We had 2 feet snow drifts and now cleaning the drive way we had to have a tractor dig us out.. Have a safe day and drive carefully..

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    Sunny, windy and 62 today ...

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    Restained the deck ...

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    Sunny ,windy and freaking cold, high was 32º. Right now we have 25º..

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    Cloudy and 62 ...

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    Very cold and snowed today..Right now it's 3º high was 8º ..
    Calling for more snow tonight and cold temperatures...

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