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    Afternoon all, it's 73º and mostly cloudy skies and very light wind. High 75º and overnight low 48º.. Have a good day..

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    Washed the vehicles today ...

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    Well morning all,it's50º and raining here also we have had over 2 inches of rain the past two days .
    The overnight low will be close to 47º with showers possible...
    Have a good day..

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    Sunny and 82 today ...

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    Rain on and off today High of 45º right now and calling for cold temps tonight low around 30º

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    Cut the grass ...

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    Here in S.W. Kansas we have 54º with partly cloudy skies with sun trying to break through..
    Hope you weekend is going well for you...

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    Thunder storms and heavy down pours ...

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    Morning all, 77º right now and should hit 84º today..
    Clear skies with very light wind and Spring has really sprung..

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    Afternoon all, 82º right now and will hit 92 for a high with clear skies and light wind...

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    Good evening everyone just checking in and let everyone know we hit 88º and right now we are at 78º with windy south winds around 30 to 45 MPH.
    Have a good night all see you in the morning ...

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    Well good day all it's 68º and clear skies and no real wind to speak of.. For today the high should reach 78º and maybe sum Isolated showers..
    Have a great weekend all...

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    Sunny and 90 today ...

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    Hello Marines 66 degrees here in the Bronx...Not for awhile but here now....Everything is Good.Been busy with my chapter 23 DAV Bronx .N.Y. Hope everyone is Well and Safe.Nothing really exciting to report.My friend Kenny Harrington , Marine,2nd Recon in Nam ,was turned down for the Congressional Medal of Honor...Boo-He saved 36000 Marines one day in Da Nam...So ,they gave him a Navy Cross and or another Silver Star...Very decent Human-Speaks to the Big Wigs in Washington for Veterans-some kind of board.Anyway went to this dinner at El Caribe Dinner Place in Brooklyn again ,with my Chapter and Veterans that do claims for Veteran; and other VA Chapters..I should of had the fish instead of the Falet Minon- was not best cut of steak-but by the time you sit down to eat,you're full anyway..There is a Lot of ordorve food there and open bar...Don't have HBO-but did stream the last episode of Game of Thrones-with others from season.......Wow, theses Dragons don't speak, but they sure do know how to do:Flame on......Yes-no more torrents but there is "Streaming" -Good Movies also-you need a good Virus and Malware protector though-nothing unusual.....You can Google these Streaming Movie sites....Anyway just wanted to say Hello to Everyone-Still Kicking ,I always like the Warmer Weather, in the 80ties ,Be here soon...end of this Month.So,things are Good--Not Wealthy-still kinda Healthy--and Try to Do-No Harm-But this PTSD-Causes me to Take No-Sh*T ,and that has caused me some trouble ; not pleasant ....Still Learning ,but Angry Our Country is Being Invaded ,Can't help how I feel..Glad to have had the 0311 training with My Marines.....For Real.....I know ,you- I don't have to say more...Just Want you to Understand-that-Yes-We are In Startrek-Moble Phone Mode-and the United Nations and World want to Desolve Our Country-that's all...Marines DON'T BEG-MARINES-SHOOT TO KILL-that is the TRAINING...SO ,Hang in there....President Trump ,may have a Few Things To Say-We will see..Gotta Go now ----God Bless America and BE SAFE-SEMPER FI FOREVER.........AT EASE.........

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    Oh ,Kenny Harrington .took Three bullets that day and Ofcause the Corpsman got Killed....oh well.

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