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    Oh yea did I mention a high wind warning...

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    Windy here too, Montana is blowing Minnesota sucking, Semper Fidelis.

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    Sunny and 73 ...

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    Morning all 29º outside and man it's nice with the wind not blowing 100 mph today..
    High today around 70º.. May take a Sunday drive on Wednesday...
    Have a good day all...

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    Repeat of yesterday weatherwise ...

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    Good afternoon everyone ,It's 74º and Light winds so far and we have high clouds over head giving away to clearing skies ..
    Cool front on it's way in tonight.
    Have a great day all...

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    Yellow pine pollen covering everything ... need a good rain to wash it away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by troop901 View Post
    There are currently 336 users online. 1 members and 335 guests
    What Ed said.

    There are currently 296 users online. 0 members and 296 guests
    Most users online 4,336

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    Ed.....if you would add azzholes on line, you would pick up a lot of us older Marines.

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    Afternoon all. it's chilly here today 37º with light winds from the north changing to the south later on..Mostly cloudy giving away to sun shine later on..

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    Sunny and 72 with 15-20 mph winds ...

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    Here's a great, cheap stocking stuffer for your liberal friends next Christmas ...

    Reasons To Vote For Democrats.jpg

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    Sunny, high of 65 ,hardly any wind.

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    Morning all 34º and we're expected to reach 50º with light winds today...
    Have a great day..

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