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    Afternoon all,it's cold and light winds with 38º we hope to reach 47º also we have clear skies.. By the way let the party start it's .
    TGIF !!

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    Cloudy and 70 ...

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    Good afternoon bull shooters it's nice today we have 62º and will see if gets Warmer or not..
    I hope everyone is fine and not sick..
    you have a safe week...

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    Cloudy and 63 today ...

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    Afternoon all, We had some rain last night and today it's sunny and 62º and we may see 70º later. Have a good day..

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    Afternoon all, it's nice today with 71º and the high should get to 78º..
    Hope you have a good day..

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    Cloudy, windy and 62 today ...

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    cloudy and 48 here, at 07:00 supposed to get into the upper 50's today

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    Sunny and 64 today ...

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    Warmer today, scattered virus with a chance of TP. Going to the store later...

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    Sunday Morning Marines,God Bless Always. 47 Degrees here in the Bronx,New York...No Lockdown here but not to many people on the Street.Small stores ,only 3 people in store at one time.Super Martkets-No Restrictions...Yes-Less Food,like canned goods...So,I have been away, Bad Bronx Boy-checking Stuff Out..Okay,I am a Big Trump Fan-Actually-the Numbers in New York are reported high-but I just don't see it.Everyone is a little Stressed-only thing I Have is that my glucose is 50 points higher lately-I hear all kinds of stories.Queens N.Y. seems to be the epicenter here.@ Portable hospitals constructed there...100 ,000 past Medics called up by the Army,,,,Wow-I don't hear a Word from the Navy-sure could use some new boots from the Marines...Would I ,sure-but don't care for this Corona-Much..Seems to be Some Hysteria ,through out this Country.17 States Locked Down...Yesterday heard 4 thousand dead in USA...then at 2 am I hear only 2 thousand died here....yesterday was the first time I wore a Mask outside-Cost me twobucks for one mask hehe-I wear two at a time-no M91-or 95 ,which now they say is the one to wear....Ok, real price of this was 86 cents-now selling to Gov for $4 say it like a Chinese-DALLAR-sone to be sold here in 95 cent store for $6.99 Dollars, thanks to Bill Clinton,not even Penicillin is made here anymore.......I know Trump will Fix that.Anyway not going to get into the Lastest one World Gov takeover-planned way back in the 30ties-or looks like to me-ok-SO TELLING YOU ALL TO BE SAFE-YOU HEAR Roger Out...for now

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    SEMPER FI FOREVER..............GoD BLESS AMERICA and President TRUMP,

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    Good to hear from you, Doc.....hang in there, Brother....

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    Sunny and 86 today ...

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