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    Cloudy, 81 with scattered showers...

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    Good Morning All, it's 44 and we hope to see 59 later on today. Hope your doing well ..

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    Mostly sunny and 90...

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    Afternoon all, had a busy day yesterday went to the VA in Wichita ,Ks.. had to see the C-pac clinic and 8 hours round trip for just 5 min. of test sucked..
    But at least I'm still alive.. we have clear skies and a temp of 61 and we may reach 68 later on ..
    Have a good day all..

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    Mostly cloudy and 79...

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    Afternoon all, It;s a lovely day here in S.W. Kansas we have 58 and we should make it 79.. I do hope everyone has a nice day..

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    Cloudy and 70...

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    Morning all , where ever you are we have 66 and we may see 84 .. Hope your day goes well..

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    Rain showers and 69...

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    Afternoon all we have 84 and we may hit 88 ..

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    Good Morning everyone and I mean everyone.. We have a nice cool day starting and the temp is just right for today.. We have 40 and we should top out around 63 maybe today LOL.. Have a good day and have a blessed week...

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    Sunny and 83...

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    Hello My Marines 77 degrees here in the Bronx.Very Nice and Quiet.Well ,my Brother's and Sister's-Look'S like the Covert Virus was Given to Chinese Commie Lab by Gates and Folchi-to Ruin Trump and America..They Wanna Purge the Military and Throw out All Patriots and Straight Sex people...Are We Going to Let Them Do That-NO Way-Proud of My Marines-75 % are not going to Take that Poison -Spike Protein Vaccination-that will kill your Ass in 2 to 6 Years . Wait ,They Will Be Charged .Yes-It's Coming...We Will Get Our Country Back...Believe that.God Bless you My Marines-SEMPER FI DO Or DIE-Amen.

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    Even Dead People are Sorry They Voted for Biden Now......

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    Mostly sunny and 82...

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