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    Morning all , 84º and heading up to 94º looks like a very nice day. Have a good day Folks..

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    My Son said 'just strong winds and rain' was all they got there in base housing. Can not wait for the baby to be born soon, No more bad weather til afterwards...

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    Congratulations he your wish comes true..
    Afternoon all, It's 93º and our high for now ..Hope your enjoy your football game today See you in the funny papers

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    Sunny and 89 today ...

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    afternoon all 84º on it's way to 89º..
    Had turkey bacon and coffee.. Now lets see what we now know..hope all the east coast people made it out OK of the hurricane

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    Welcome to another day of weather posting..
    Hi all we have 90º and that's our high for today..
    Had some brunch today and it was eggs and toast & coffee also..
    Have a good day today...

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    Snow up on Donner Pass already...

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    Sunny and 86 … Cut the grass.

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    Afternoon all we have 77º and we'll hit 86º.. Hope everyone has a good day..

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    Sunny and 88 today ...

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    T G I F folks it's 78º and we'll reach 86º for a high...

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    Sunny and 86 ...

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    Happy Sunday folks there's football and it's going to be warm today also..We have 92º and that it the high for today.Have a blessed week all..

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    Mostly sunny and 88 ...

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    Sunny and in the 80's

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