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    Winter has returned … 39 right now.

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    Morning all , it's 20º with windy condition outside and should reach 40º today..
    Have a great week everyone and be SAFE !!! Sorry about the snow ,send it to Kansas we could use it...

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    Good Afternoon all, it's 54º with clear skies overhead with light wind..
    Have a good day

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    Afternoon everyone, it's 48º with a southerly wind @ 2 MPH we could hit 56º for a high ,but right now it's cloudy and there's no sun shinning
    Have a great day everyone...

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    Mostly sunny and 63 today ...

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    Afternoon all, it's 30º and the skies is overcast windy.. fells like 17º with the wind chill..
    Have a great day all...

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    Cloudy and 53 today ...

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    snowing again

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    Morning all , it's 13º and snowing outside and it's piling up.
    I hope everyone stays warm and don't have to work today or week...
    Have a great week..

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    Sunny and 63 today ...

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    Afternoon everyone ,it cold cloudy and snowy the Temp is 22º and we can expect more snow tonight and cold also...

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    Cloudy, rain and 43 today ...

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    clear and cold

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    Morning all, It's 19º outside and sunny skies with a trace of snow on the ground..

    This winter has been a very snowy one unlike the normal ones..

    Have a great HUMP Day..

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