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    Afternoon all it's 39º and we may hit 45º this afternoon also..

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    Mostly sunny and 70 today ...

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    Morning all well afternoon I guess LOL we have 23º and we may see 30º...
    for anyone that's reading this stuff have a nice day and take care..

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    Partly sunny and 80 today ...

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    Afternoon all 43º and the high around 51º have a great Valentin's all of you...

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    Afternoon Marines we have a nice day going here , right now we have 43º and we should reach around 53º..
    Have a great day and check back in later...

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    Cloudy and 55 today ...

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    Partly sunny and 43º..

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    Afternoon all, Nice day so far and a temp of 40º and the high of 50º for today and the snow here is melting .. Have a good day all...

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    Afternoon we have 55º and maybe hit 59º.. It's sunny and no wind blowing and we Like that here;...

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    Mostly sunny and 60 today ...

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    Morning all , it's 42º and we may top out at 52º Beautiful day going now.. Have a good day..

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    Good day to y'all it's cloudy,windy and Snowing today.. Right now we have a trace of snow ..
    Hope your day goes well all of you,Semper Fi..

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    Cloudy and 69 today ...

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    Afternoon all we have 50º and our high should hit 55º...

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