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    Afternoon all, it's 42 and will hit 50 today..

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    Hey everyone afternoon to you...Hope your hump day is fine for you , right now we have 65 and our high for today.. Take care and be safe..

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    Afternoon all it's 55 and the high will reach 59...
    Have a wonderful week and may God Bless you....

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    Cold, wet, and breezy ...

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    Hello My Marine Green Machine-Never Promised you a Rose Garden..Yes ,I am old..In Philippines ,Ofcause caught some kind of Stomach Bug..Have little wifi 14 inch computer-I should only be that lucky.About 93 degrees 2:23 PM..Staying in 5 Star Minila Price Hotel..with Free Breakfast Buffet..$70 US a Day..Very Classy..Have Sprint Worldwide Roaming-Supposed to get US anytime for 25 cents a Minute.Does not Connect..Rerouted through Japan-5 dollar added cost;still don't work...Spoke to three Sprint Technicians on Phone here-They said Don't Worry-you hear that you better Start Worrying.hehe.Brought Two Credit/Debit Visa one Discover...Okay the Discover Works...Visa ,Promised by my Bank ,would Work.....NOPE.Without Discover Card ,I would have to wire Brother to send Western Union.So,I am good on that...My Girl ,She had to go back home for 4 days ,cause her 10 year old Daughter was Running 106.8 Fever. She Caught THYFOID Fever---Swell..Baby Comes Back tomorrow..Promises some Alone Time...Ok we see.Have other Female Friend here that had slight CVA-Stroke caused by high Blood Pressure..Very Mild-she is 62 years old.My Girl is 38-First one hates this one...This one wanted to invite her here to hotel to Chat...Only Really Have 4 more days here...What ?-Told her,again ,I want some alone time with her cause I caught Stomach Virus ,told you already..So,think I am having Fun-Nope ,cause still have like Histermine Headache ,like Allergy..Was at Air Port-bought bottle of water to hydrate-drank about one third and felt like I swollowed feel a drop light headed-but Strong..The People here for the Most Part are great.Cept for Yesterday-Thought antibiotics we're Over the Counter-wore my Marine Cover with Cadush-from Nam-Only have this one-Sacred to me ,ofcause..walked to Mall here-had Pharmacy-told them wanted 21 amoxicilin 500 mg pills tid-3 times a day-told me to write script-still know-then ,they asked for my MD number-told them I was Corpsman-for Marines and Navy-not Active now.They gave me 4 pills. No this Is not Bascidial-but Viral...So Good.On way out of Mall-I may have exited through-different door to Street.WellI said ok-I will Take little cart back to Hotel...This guy tried to Beat me out of money-only bout 8 or nine blocks away..He wanted 400 pesos-equal to 8 US Dollars-I said No Way-but since ,I was Lost-offered 200 pesos--ready to hurt him-cause went right past hotel..I said Stop-ready to ripe his throat out-cause still feeling like soneone slipped me a Mickey..He Stopped about 5 blocks further-cause he knew-I had it by then..This is the First guy that tried to up the fare on me-Daytime is cool..gets dark here by 5 pm now here..No girl-would not want to be out alone at night...Homeless and Begging children..Two little girs came up to me ,with thiere-hands..was trold to not give anything to any beggers at any time-but wanted to but didn't because of warning..So ,it's been Real Fun here..Did take cab- to first friends house-gave him address-one hour drive but took 2 hours to find-only charged me 1000 pesos-$ 20 dollars US..Decent Fellow really.Got to be Night and her son and Daughter in law-Rode back with me.First on this crazy buss like thing with rail to hold on suspended from ceiling..Thought ,I was Going to be Dead America in Manila..Went to some place-with name Common in it..Then Got Regular Cab-Phew..Gave them Money to get back-cause I was so Grateful they Rode with me..Okay-So ,I visited Veterans Affairs VA Hospital.Surrounded by Philippine Cops with beautiful serios looking shotguns-Got there with my girlfriend about 12:30-just wanted to see if I could get some tylinol-VA hours are-7am -1 pm...ok so we left..I have Friend in DAV Board-that just got Back 2 days before I left.He said "Take Lots of Pictures.Told him ,got sick-can show him Hotel room though... Receptionist in Endo-Clinic ,told me to bring back something for keychain or something-ok ,I have to do that before I leave...Yes ,this is my first Passport at 72 years old..Cause Girlfriend,can't get Visa-Husband Abandoned Her 6 years-ago and has other Family now..Fee is $ 5000 US to get Annulment...gotta pay him to agree.So, Womans there are less equal to men..At Hotel here is Doctor Convention for Masters Degree in Pubic Health even Though they are All MD's-Had dinner with Philippine Couple-Both M.D.'s...Cause wher my girl lives,they we're Pushing Polio Shots--I said there is an indepentant Lab Testing-Service run by Mike Adams-Health Ranger-that Swears-you Take Vaccine ,you get Polio..They thought and looked at me,like I was Insane-well that could be anyway..I asked-Well,What do you think of the United Nations-they Both Said Great-like Tony the Tiger.I said,do you know they Major inChild Kidnapping Child Sex-Trade...They,just Got Up and Left..hehe...So,So far, that's my Trip here.Hotel is Really is Top Notch..I see ,that Roger Stone was Convicted of all Charges-So Trump-Better Wake Up-and Get these Commey Traders-before he is Impeahed-or even Shot....Hilary is Running,I Believe...Trump goes-There Goes America-No More to Say..Could be Cival War..So-Go to the Range-and Click up..Americans are Already Bowing and On their Prayer Rugs in Mishagen-sp..MISH-Usa....So,I may be Insane-cause-President,just has to Say the word...One Million % for him...Ok..Running out of Battery Power..This thing needs to be off to Charge-Semper Fi-my Brothers and Sisters-and God Bless Always..Was Not Assigned to First Med-was Assigned to MWSG-17-Hams and Wers-but when Brought Wounded or Burned from Jet Fuel-I was Made to Stay and-do Stuff at First Med-this is True-Knew People there but after 50 or 51 years-who remembers Names....Ok-Be Safe-and Be Conscous-for Things will get Worse before Better or Say Goodbye to America...Word Up-Let's Safe America-and Get Out of Other Peoples Wars..Cause Traitors Here Are Profiting on Our Troops-Selling Arms to Both Sides-Thanks All you Past-Presidents-Trump is the Only One For America-and Remember-He Could have Lived Anywhere in the World..So,I Believe ,He Was Picked by God...Love him ,I Do...Chow-Keep Playing that Bass Santa Marine1955...If ,I knew then,what I knew now-I would have Tried to Learn to Shoot More Weapons-Better..and Also-Would have Liked to Go to Second Corpsman School to..OK Be Blessed-and Happy Birthday Again-Pretty Long-this will be-Like the Old Days-weigh 190-less now..hehe

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    ​Minila Prince Hotel

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    Still Running Fever to-but not Contagious..Big Bird-Home 26th-November-Body Looks like Old Man-Now-Boo

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    Face still Looks Young-No Wrinkes-Cause Still Can't Drink Alcohol-Nausous To-Just Shoot me..Gotta Puke Now

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    Good afternoon all, it's 69 and the high will be 74C today ,said the weatherman Good luck and have a nice day

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    Marine Free Member gkmoz's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Northeast ,Ohio
    51 years ago today 11-19-68 I was taken off the live fire night at Lejuene to the Naval hospital for a extremely high fever and staph infection via sand fleas at P.i. brought to N.C. via bus lol cold showers in the middle of the night and shots in the rear by a fairly cute female Lt. from Ky. the fried brain may explain a lot?

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    right now we have 41 and our high of 43 ,partly cloudy and very light winds today...

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    Afternoon all, It's cloudy and very cool today .
    We have a temp of 30 and the high may reach 35,also we have very light wind.. Have a good weekend ...

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    Afternoon all it's 60 our high for today at least.. Have a good day..

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    Afternoon all,it's 55 and the high 60 can be expected today..

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    Sunny and 64 ...

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