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    What's up people ? today we have 56º and our high should reach 62º , sunny sky's ... I hope your weekend goes well for you.. and have a great day...

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    Afternoon everyone we have 57º and we are on our way to 72º today..
    have a nice day..

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    Afternoon all, we have 52º and our should reach 62º..
    Hope each and everyone has a good day..

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    Mostly sunny and 69 ...

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    about 72 with a projected high of 78 and 40% chance of thundershowers..

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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    Morning everyone.. Nice day here we have 54º and could make it to 64º or warmer..
    Hope your day goes well..

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    Cloudy with rain and 64 ...

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    Afternoon all, we have 56º and the high will get to 61º .. We hope..

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    TGIF and let the party start..
    We have 65º and we will see 71º for the high ..

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    Cloudy, windy and 60...

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    Morning all it's real nice today with the temperature right now at 55º and we should hit 72º for today..
    Have a nice to all..

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    Afternoon it's 51º and the high should reach 57º...

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    Mostly sunny and 70 ...

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    Afternoon all.. It's 64º and we should get close to 71º.. Hope you enjoy yourself today..

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    74 with an expected high of 84, partly cloudy, 20% chance of evening showers

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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