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    Another 4-H day … Hot, hazy, humid, and ho-boy!

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    Screw you guys * -

    Temps here yesterday got all the way up to ? 83*,
    seeing the rest of you
    that bust my balls ,
    *BillyMongoose* & un-named OTHERS
    (for spending 4 weeks in a row shovling snow)

    -??? Who's laughing now !!!!

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    A hot 93 degrees today with a heat index of 105 … Air that you can wear.

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    Hello Marines and Good Morning to Ya.Just came on to Wish you All a Safe July 4th, Good Times To All... I am good-Weather right now 80 degrees going up to 87 degrees...99 degree Sunday Past.Yup still doing Claims, better than when I stated.Doing Good for Vets..but the pay is lousy-oh no pay at all...I like the people I work with but the DAV is run by the Volunteer Service..I have been waiting for a key to the office for 2 yrs- haha..Anyway Thinking about All of you-Don't have the material I used to have when I came on here.All I can say is Don't let them push anything 5G- it disrupts the DNA ,and Hurts every living thing-President Trump has stopped the building of 5 of them in Texas..Hey Mongoose...but that won't stop it...Just Say'In.....God Bless All of you Marines and ENJOY THIS LIFE-Semper Fi Forever..I am off this week Yay....

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    This is my third year working there-I had to do a year there just to be selected...Oh Well ,there are somePerks-Went to A Yankee Baseball Game..Was on a 200 Passenger Boat-Veterans Cruise around Manhattan.Open Bar-2 beers for me..All you can Eat-Just ate once--Nice Time...Meet some Great People..Ray Cabano original Guitar Player in Aerosmith put a Show on for us also...Very Decent Guy,,met his wife also....she's cool. Hung Out with the Persuasions also..But I Miss YA..

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    Open bar and all-you-can-eat sounds like a real good time to me!

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    Good evening all, right now we have 85 with a high of 96.
    Nice today wasn't to bad at all..
    Have a good week all..

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    Right now we have 91 should reach 96 today and overnight low of 68 some wind but not bad at all...

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    Sunny and 88 today with lower humidity ...

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    I say it's hot, it's damn hot with 97 with winds from the south about 25 to 30 mph right now it's 95..

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    Heavy rain and thunderstorms this afternoon ...

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    Nothing like sunshine to make a day wonderful , but come on we need our rain..
    right now 86 with partly cloudy skies and some light wind..

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    Morning all, it's 82 and going to reach 95 and no chance of rain..

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    Low humidity over the weekend, but the humidity has returned and so will thunderstorms overnight.

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