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    Quote Originally Posted by EGTSpec View Post
    I lost my brother-in-law the farmer to cancer last week. While attending his memorial service my niece gets a call from my son-in-law. At the funeral. My youngest daughter died of complications from knee Friday. I just finished putting my brother-in-law to rest, and now another week of pain ahead. My mind feels like it's going to implode. Is this what living to a ripe old age means? Watching your children die, your little sister's husband die, your older sister die? My heart feels like it's going to explode. I've never experience this much grief in such a short time. The sadness comes and goes like waves breaking on a beach.

    I'm so sorry about your lost members of your Family . I do hope you will find peace in your heart knowing there with Jesus..

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    Afternoon all, Right now we have 80 and we should reach 92 today I hope everyone has a good week ahead...

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    Sunny and 78...

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    Well today it's windy and mild today it's only hit 78 for today..
    Right now we are sitting at 72 and everything is fine right now...

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    Well afternoon all, we have very light wind and mild temps. so far cloudy also with the temp at 58 and we might reach 61 with a chance of showers ...

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    Sunny and 80...

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    Well Afternoon everyone we have 68 and 72 for the high ...

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    Mostly sunny and 86...

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    Hey everyone it's a beautiful day to day..69 and we may see 80 ...
    I hope your weekend goes like you plan on..

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    Sunny, breezy and 82..

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    Well morning everyone we have a start of a new and wonderful day.. Clear skies and mild temps so far and hardly any wind..
    Right we have 72 and we could see 86 or higher today...

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    Good Morning all you Leather Necks,How are you guys ..
    We have a nice day for us today ,right now we have 68 and the high should hit 86.. Have a great Sunday and Week also..

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    Sunny and 78...

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    Good Morning Marines , We have at 0532 54 and we should reach 86 ..
    We got much needed rain and unwanted winds and some hail ,as we all know can destroy flowers ,homes, and cars .
    Anyways have a great start of the week.

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    Well so much for the 85's today ... LOL we have 57 with blowing wind from the north 30 to 40 mph..

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