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    Expecting snow flurries tonight ...

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    looking out the window watching the
    snow fly sideways
    (not that big a deal )
    30 mph ??- but it's early yet

    listening to the news - w/ Elizabeth Warren
    saying she will not take a DNA TEST
    to remove doubts of here ETHNIC diversity....

    Who'da thunk it ????

    ^ should that have needed a

    ***HiJack Thread Alert ?

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    Only had a dusting of snow overnight ...

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    Marine Free Member FistFu68's Avatar
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    Mar 2006

    Adios bldg 123 lol

    Top of the AM too Yah well Men I don’t need no mind altering meds A case of beer was what this Ole Jarhead needed and a Cigar so I told those College Boy Liberal A$$hole Punk f**ks too Pi$$ UP a Rope lol we are infested by Commies Punks & Faggots Man I love knocking MFers out Semper Fi that

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    Morning all, 50º heading up to 81º today with windy condition around today..Time to start the Coffee..


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    Sunny and 64 today ...

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    Evening all, it's 54º with our high of61º this afternoon..
    It's been windy as can be here in S.W. Kansas...Wind 35 to 50 MPH..

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    Afternoon all, went to a health fair today and seen all kinds of exhibits,
    They had one that I had to use when they life watch me to the V.A. in Wichita,Ks...
    Anyways it's 64º and the low of 32º for tonight..

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    Was supposed to get freezing rain this morning got lucky and it just stayed as rain, hovered around freezing all morning. And baby bear is still growing and happy, wouldnt trade the little guy for anything. And got my retirement estimate this week, yelp, going have to do atleast 3 years in the DROP. So I will enter the DROP on May 13th.

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    Morning all, chilly this morning it's 37º with a good chance of rain today..
    I hope we get some at least the wheat needs it bad...

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    Sunny and 62 today, which about average for this time of year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by troop901 View Post
    got my retirement estimate this week, yelp, going have to do atleast 3 years in the DROP. So I will enter the DROP on May 13th.
    U-B speakin'Ohioeeze troop-

    ?Drop ? delayed retirement plan?
    of sorts

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