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    My brother lives in Ventura, CA and has been told to be ready to evacuate by tomorrow morning due to the wild fires ...

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    Darn Kegler I hope he has insurance.. Will pray for him..

    32 up to 39 today and light winds from the north.
    Prayers out to California and the home owners..

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    Cold and wet here ...

    Fires near my brother's neighborhood in Ventura are moving northwest. He lives blocks from the coast, but says they are still not out of the woods.

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    Good Afternoon, we have 55 with winds that are from the S.W. at 10 to 20 mph..partly cloudy skies with some sun ...

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    Been raining all day ...

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    It's colder than a banker’s heart on foreclosure day at the widows’ and orphans’ home ...

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    13 outside and sunny and very light wind.
    Just thought I would stop by and wish everyone a Happy New Year to everyone here on the site..

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    Probably be in bed before midnight ...

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    Well, I'm here in Jacksonville visiting My Son and His Family. Boy how it's changed in 28 years... Sure enjoyed the cross country trip.

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    Been on base yet?

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    SO cold here -

    makes my nipples are hard like
    diamond drill-bits

    they'd probibly "Cut Glass"

    Happy New Year !!!

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    Afternoon all it's 12 with calm winds and mostly clear skies overhead.
    Just want to wish everyone a happy New Year !!!

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    Hey Ed How Cold Is It ???

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    by the thermometer on
    my front porch it was
    -5 f and 10 mph wind.

    Felt sorry for my dobie -
    looked like she was

    pardon me for Mis-spelling

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    Yes I've been on Base, and that sure has changed a lot also ... If I new it was going to be this cold, I would of stayed in Reno.

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