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    FoxtrotOscar...the haze and air particulates are not only coming from the fires in Oregon, but in Central Washington also. There are some big fires in the Methow Valley. Did you notice the orange moon last night?

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    Rest in Peace Sergeant Major Zingaro...God Bless.

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    If I was in Los Angeles, this would be called smog...there has been a heavy haze (blocking the sun) for at least three days with ash from more than 74 fires in the West & B.C.

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    Problem solved ...

    Problem Solved.jpg

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    You know Kegler your right..
    Have a great day everyone..

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    Marine Family Free Member Mistybluelady's Avatar
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    Where is Russ? Anyone talk to him? Is he and his family ok? Please update.

    Stay Safe gents

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistybluelady View Post

    Where is Russ?

    Anyone talk to him?

    Is he and his family ok?

    Please update.

    Stay Safe gents
    Best i can say iz -
    he was NOT last seen -
    floating off on a "RUBBER INDIAN"

    (Visualize that - IF YOU DAST )

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    95º and winds from the north west at 8 with gust up to 15 mph..
    Have a good evening..

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    Got a cracked molar ... and will be getting a root canal next week. I've already had three, and none of them were pleasant regardless of the novocaine.

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    Cooling off this week ,only now the Air races are going on. But I still get My naps in ....S/F

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    Going to cut the grass tomorrow ...

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    93º right now with light winds from the North west at 6 mph and partly cloudy skies..

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    Cut the grass today ...

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    Morning all, 71º right now with winds from the south east at 10 mph with sunny skies..

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