Words not meant for American Ears
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    Words not meant for American Ears

    It only takes 19 seconds! And you will hear, from his own mouth, the proof of the validity what some have been saying for longer than many of you have been alive.

    America's future is hanging by a thread that is 19 seconds long..

    Do you have the time??

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    No idea what you're saying. But, whatever. Do we need a security clearance to hear this coded message?

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    Alex Jones' sound byte?

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    Good one, Ed! Name:  thumbs_up___smiley_eyes_by_mirzjiles-d75sqbe.gif
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    LOVED Karnak! Johnny was an original. Nobody's come close since.

    Had a Johnny Carson sportcoat in the mid-70's.

    Guess we'll never know what the secret message is.

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    Speaking of not hearing things, am I missing something? Awfully quiet around here the past few days.

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    Ah - - - -

    scuttlebutt anyone ?

    I'd say go about business in the normal
    routine - IF it is a MOUNT OUT -
    you'll get the word -
    and wont miss the boat.

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    I agree. Seems awful quiet here. With all of the changes that have been taking place, it kinda makes ya wonder what's next.

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    Tennessee Top

    part of what scuttlebutt going around -

    there was a DIS-agreement here on the site
    12 or so names on the list -
    some were banned - none were given
    time in the corner -

    one of the 12 , stole the company truck-
    drove it into the boonies having a hellofaGoodtime,
    untill it ran out of fuel.
    When the owner went to get the truck and tried to bring
    it home, the keys werent in the truck,
    the tires were all flat,
    the frame was crooked, fenders all bent,
    radiator leaked and needed fluid.
    **fuzznuts left the lights on and the truck
    needed a jump.

    the 11 that were in the truck with the driver ?
    they're pi$$ed.
    All lumped up from the walk back.

    WORD is,
    they went out and got a
    { Truck of their own }

    folks might want to keep an eye
    on email boxes ,,,
    rumor is - their's boat space

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    Happy Aniversary or anniversary


    remember this

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    How can we forget, Ed. I was one of the Marines in the truck. However....the bad guy should have known better than to ambush a team of seasoned Marines. We regrouped, established a chain of command, and started operation, ( Pay Back ). We operated by the Grunt code.....leave no azzhole traitor standing. We communicated with the top brass....sent out recon teams to gather information on the enemy......black listed every enemy sympathizer.....In the end, we exposed the wanna-be Dictator as a lying and conniving Phony. We took back lost territory, set up our Rear Area, and planted our victory Flag. We are now under the Operational Command of a real Marine.

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    I was in the truck as well. Has it been a year already? The one that went against us was such a phony, he was a legend in his own mind.

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