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    If you rate ribbons...medals and badges....and want them on your uniform. Put them on before you meet your demise.I had the distinct pleasure of putting ribbons and badges on a retired Marine while in the casket in uniform before the family could view the body. It was a non military town....none of the funeral home staff were versed in the proper measurements of ribbons....medals and badges....or were prior service. Something to consider. The mortician will dress the body.....but other than clothes....hair and makeup that's all most..... unless in a military town know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantom Blooper View Post
    Be a waste of money for me....
    gonna get toasted........
    go out like I live life....
    I requested they lay me on my stomach
    so everyone can come up
    pat me on the back
    and kiss my azz goodbye!

    On a serious note the funeral home will do your request and I have seen and taken part in military funerals where the gloves and cover are laid to the side in the casket.
    Bloop - mark the spot you want kissed-
    rumor is -yerAllA$$

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    I croke,I'm gonna have them burn me,,, then flush the ashes down the toilet

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    PFC Jackie E Gruenwald 0311 Uniform of the day for his recycling Men's Utilty Shirt OD green shirt buttoned all the way uP sleeves rolled down Trousers OD green fly botton's Skivves none am going Commando,Jump boots spit shined wings on my chest buriel at Sea off coast preferably off Aleutian Islands Alaska Aye Aye Semper Fi

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    Yes you can be buried in your blues, gloves on, hands folded and cover placed with the brim under folded hands.

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    U can go in what ever you want to go in DB's are up to you and the family.
    Just remember God will know that you are a Marine and so will the family
    Semper Fi.

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    I don`t think that I will go.

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    Who in the hell is going to stop you anyway from what you want to wear,lmfao, Semper Fidelis.

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    Well, hell. I've changed my mind. Now going with dress greens. Anyone know where to find 'em? I got a jacket off ebay, but was too small. It was a 41R. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Greens ayy ? gabardines ???

    you could make things easy you know..
    go for kahkis
    class c uniform ?
    you could be ready for librety
    or GATE DUTY W T F

    EBAY - or gunshows
    for your choice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxwell48 View Post
    Well, hell. I've changed my mind. Now going with dress greens. Anyone know where to find 'em? I got a jacket off ebay, but was too small. It was a 41R. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Go to a Taylor have him measure you for the size you need and then go to either eBay or Sgt. Grit to locate them...If your like me you need to see Omar the Tent Maker..

    Good luck

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    You will be dead...cold...and rigor mortis will set it to your body.....a mortician will split the Alpha blouse up the back to get your arms in the sleeves......

    If you have a half casket opened......you may or may not get trousers......full open you will have trousers and shoes.....but the funeral home is not going to wrestle a stiff to get clothed like you would for an inspection.....

    Rest assured you will get re-issued a serviceable uniform of the day when you hit the pearly gates.....in the meantime you might have to improvise...adapt and overcome.....so I would invest in a good uniform that fits...but I wouldn't invest big bucks in getting it tailored except for rank and hash marks.

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    Chuck is right they will split the back, Semper Fidelis.

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    They will not put you in full Dress Blues, I would like, no offense, to be buried in my class A Patrol uniform, but that will never happen either. Its pretty much like said above, they will put you in what pretty much you had your boot picture taken in. And bloop is right, they will either place your cover and gloves off to the side or on top of the casket. My I ask why you want to know about this right now?

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    Sure, one never knows and I would like to have it all togther beforehand. Thanks for all the info.

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