Physical training with your recruiting station
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    Was wondering whether or not you pooles train with your recruiting station. I know RSS Hialeah is strict as heck with our PT. Three times a week and monthly saturday poole functions.

    Mind you we don't go to do no weak PT either. We do a good two hours of HI-Intensity training.

    Wanna hear from you guys to see if you are as blessed as us.

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    Our RSS has mandatory PT on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 0730-0900 with a weekly IST. Other than that, we're held responsible for our physical fitness. I believe we have a pool function coming up in July as well.

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    Remedial (Optional) PT on Mon + Tues:
    Mandatory PT on Thurs. 1600-1800.

    Times just got moved to 0900-1100.

    Function usually once a month, mandatory, but if you can't make it, they understand. As long as its not a constant thing.

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    We do optional training monday-thursday at 0600-0700 (this is for people that need that extra bit to get better....if we're being honest I try to go when i can)

    Every Thursday evening we have mandatory pt

    And once a month we do a 4 hour pt starting at 0530 (lots and lots of running)

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