Operation Hastings, Vietnam
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    Operation Hastings, Vietnam

    My brother was a combat engineer with the 3/4 in Vietnam and part of Operation Hastings in July 1966. He died recently and I am trying to find someone who knew him. He was critically wounded on July 23, 1966.

    His name is Cpl John Baldassari. His nickname was "Flash." His DD-214 says his last duty assignment was Company B (Rein), 3rd Engn Bn, 3rd Marine Division, FMF.

    My direct contact is

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    I'm likely very little help but would offer the following link:

    This is the AAR for 3rd Engineer battalion for July 1966.
    Op Hastings info should be therein....it's 242 pages.

    Maybe some name or event in that AAR will help you connect some research dots.

    Qualifier: I lost a very good friend on Op Hastings (I/3/5) at the Hill 362 ambush.

    Good luck in your quest.....at least you got a bump.

    Back to topic....

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