MEPS Ship Day Weigh-in
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    MEPS Ship Day Weigh-in

    I went to MEPS and DEP'd in on 28 September 15 weighing 215lbs as a 73" male. Having an 0331 MOS I began to go to the gym religiously to increase my strength. I gained 20lbs of muscle since then and upon reporting that to my recruiter last week he said that I needed to be 219lbs for my ship date (he didn't say anything before assuming I didn't gain weight). I am 11.4% BF, am in good physical condition, and have a first class PFT.

    So my question is, because my recruiter won't give me a straight answer, can I still ship if I am overweight but meet BF regulations and have a good PFT/IST?

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    Your recruiter does not set the minimum requirements to ship to bootcamp. Those requirements come down from his Operations Officer at District Headquarters.

    Many times, recruiters will add a "fudge factor" to their District's policies just to make sure you fall within those requirements.

    In any case. You have no other option than to make 219lbs - if you want to ship. Your recruiter is not going to debate with you (nor is he supposed to).

    FYI. If you report to bootcamp overweight. You will be sent directly to the Physical Conditioning Platoon (PCP) and remain there till you make weight. You're better off losing it now, than there. Your recruiter is doing you a favor.

    Good luck.

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    You re not 11% body fat unless your abs are popping hella, trust me. If you have a low body fat and you're heavy because of muscle then it'll be waived but I highly doubt that's the situation because it hardly ever is

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    Ive never heard a recruiter say "You need to get heavier" sounds suspect. Also considering your MAX weight as it pertains to current height and weight standards is 208 you are already over your max weight so if you are already over weight your recruiter isnt going to tell you to get heavier that would be strike 2.

    I dont know your measurements so I cant call you on possible strike 3.

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