volunteer at my recruiter office
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    volunteer at my recruiter office

    Hello marines / futures marines , Iam a poolee that just DEP in on the 8th of this month . I was looking for the answer of my question through all the old posts from this section but I didn't find anything.

    I know that some people just would tell me to ask my recruiter up front however I just want to make sure that you can do it . My question is that , can I volunteer to help my recruiter out on his office while I wait for my shipping date? I want to learn the most that I can and being around marines would help me out a lot . My shipping date is octuber 26th. Thank you for your time

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    First of all Felipe you have to square away your profile and please use Capital Letters where needed. It looks really unsat.

    Marine is always spelled with an uppercase " M " and so is Corps.

    Of course I am going to tell you to ask your recruiter. We can't answer that. It's not against the law to volunteer but he might or might not want you to.

    This is really a no brainer and you already knew what the answer is because you said it in your post. You guessed right.

    Ask your recruiter.

    Best of luck.

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    Recruiters don't need the help of poolees. They get any help they may need from Marines on temporary additional duty orders for "Recruiters Assistance (RA)".

    Normally, Marines do RA while home on bootcamp leave, or waiting for their MOS school to pick up for training.

    But, you can certainly ask anyway.

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