Is this something should just give up on?
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    Is this something should just give up on?

    This is my first post, so I apologize ahead of time if I leave something out.
    My jr. year of high school, during two a days I tore my Achilles, and then retore it trying to return for playoffs. After the second retear recovery went great. I was able to participate in powerlifting that year. And excell in football, baseball, powerlifting and track my Sr year, along with some boxing. I decided when I graduated that I wanted to enlist in the Marine Corps. So I went to my recruiters office and filled out some paper work and long story short, I couldn't get a medical waiver. That was about a year ago. I honestly would do anything to get in the Marines. So my question is should I quit wasting my time and give it up, or is there maybe some way I could get around this? Thanks in advance for the answers. Again, first post, so I apologize if I left out something I was supposed to include.

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    first, go to your doctor and have him or her get you copies of your medical record showing a complete healing and that you are 100%, I have heard of worse cases getting a waver, if you are 100% I don't see a problem..

    but others will be by that know more about this then me..

    best of luck to you

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    I appreciate the reply. Thanks.

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    Were you operated on and how many times ? You left that out of your post ?

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    Sorry about that, two surgeries. Both day surgery.

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    If your medical waiver was turned down by BUMED, that sounds pretty final to me. Don't know if you can keep asking for the same waiver hoping they'll change their minds after one year. None of us here know the rules with medical waivers. You'll have to go back and talk to your recruiter again. Remember, with downsizing, the military does not need the numbers it did before. The services are reaching their enlistment goals without having to resort to granting medical waivers (although it does happen).

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    You obviously won't do anything if you are thinking of giving up... It took me 2 years to DEP in because of some ADHD chit. I finally got in but I didn't and wouldn't stop until it is a straight up "no". If this is something you want and if you're truly are willing to do anything, then stick it out.

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