Thank you, from a motivated Poolee
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    Thank you, from a motivated Poolee

    Hello Marines, poolees, and Marine Friends. I have a story for you, if you care to listen.

    Whenever I was a kid, literally 5 years old, the words "Semper Fi" rang in my ears every night whenever my father and a burly, older man stopped talking and said goodbye for the day. Almost every single day I heard those words, and I stared at my fathers United States Marine Corps flag in amazement. I didn't realize it at this point, but a seed had been planted.

    I don't remember 9/11, nor was I even in kindergarten whenever it happened. I played video games like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor, the older ones that told the stories of the Soldiers of DDay and of the Marines of Pearl Harbor. My father always had his hair 'high and tight' and his room was always clean, a lot cleaner than mine. For a long time, since before I can remember, the United States Military has strongly resonated through my head. I never talked about it as I was growing up in my teenage years. I wore my dads old service belt, the one smudged with "SMITH BL" in black ink from years of drill and service. But whenever the United States Marine Corps recruiter called my house, and asked for me, somewhere in my head I said "finally".

    To some poolees and Marines that I have met, the Marine Corps to them is a job and a hobby, to sling lead down range and end tyranny in the middle east and have college paid for. These are all good things indeed. But for me, its a lot more than that. Poolees fear the trials of Boot Camp and of a 4 year commitment. I embrace the ideas of a hardened life, and of the possibility of spending my life with the greatest establishment this world has to offer me.

    I wanted to say thank you. Because of you Marines, like Rocky C, Tennessee Top, LCPL1341, and many, many others, I have hated my time in the DEP and cannot wait for my arrival at MCRD. I do not look forward to my high School graduation but instead to becoming something greater than myself. I have volunteered at the recruiting office and take every chance that I can at learning the Marine Corps, from general orders to past experiences to fitness guidelines. And from all of the other poolees that disrespect what you Marines stand for and what you try to do for us by simply saying "Hey Guys" or having the audacity to talk back to you, I apologize. Your sheer attendence on these threads show that whether actively in the Marine Corps or out for 15 years, your love of "God, Country, Corps" resonates through us. And for that, I thank you. Thank you for giving me the knowledge and motivation that I require to make it through the coming trials and tribulations. Thank you for your support, your kindness, and your sternness. I hope that in the months to come I can make you proud and continue to pass on the legacy of United States Marine.

    Semper Fi,
    Brandon Smith

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    it sounds like you should do fine,, but beware of and stay clear of the ones that just "want to make it through their enlistment" and hang around the motivated squared away Marines,, (which it sounds like that is what you are doing already),

    best of Luck to you,, keep us posted when you get to boot or as it is called today, Recruit Training,,

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    It has been my pleasure to help guide you Brandon right up to this posting and what a post you have made. Outstanding young man ! Thank you.

    You have only just begun and I hope you come back here after you earn your EGA so I can change your status on the forum to " Marine " with pleasure.

    In the meantime you can read my thread here and continue on your path.!

    Keep us posted please up until the day you leave for Recruit Training.

    Get some !!!

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