Want to join MP.
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    Want to join MP.

    Hi guys, ( Marines !!!) (There are Male and Female Marines on this forum !!!) so i have been looking everywhere on the internet and havent found much on this. I would like to become a MP but dont know if i can because i know it requires security clearance. I was on anti depressants when i was 14 and was wondering if this would DQ me from becoming MP. If anyone knows about this your help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Every Marine requires a secret security clearance at a minimum today.

    You need to talk to a recruiter. We cannot answer your questions.

    Good luck

    p.s. we are not guys (guys are back on the block). We have all earned the title of Marines.

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    Meant no disrespect I just happened to notice that not everyone on here is a Marine.

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    Speak to a recruiter as soon as you can. And as far as MPs go, I can't remember if anyone on here was an MP. Why don't you PM Zulu 36----he may have been an MP, I can't recall. Good luck to you, though. Wait for others to respond when they wander in here. Keep us updated on what the recruiter tells you. Maybe it will help someone else reading this thread in the future.

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    Please check you inbox for a PM from me Katie.

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    I was an MP, but unfortunately i can't answer your question either. You'd need to speak to a recruiter to get the straight scoop, as requirements and disqualifiers change over time. What may have been the answer 15 years ago during my enlistment could be incorrect now. Good luck in your endeavors.

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    Per NAVMC 1200.1A, dated 19 May 2015:

    (10) Must have no history of mental, nervous, or emotional disorders
    (Waivers to this requirement will not be granted).

    Still check with a Recruiter.

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    After you check with a recruiter, keep us updated here, please. Good luck to you.

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