LAT move from 03xx (Infantry) to 0321 (Recon)
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    LAT move from 03xx (Infantry) to 0321 (Recon)

    Good morning Marines,

    Was curious to know how difficult it is to LAT move into Recon after my 2 years as a grunt, and what the process would consist of.

    I've read here on the forums that they were offering bonuses for LAT moves into Recon, but that was a while ago.

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    Normally, LAT moves are used as an incentive to reenlist before your contract expires. But, they can also be used as a means to manage the population within a specific MOS. Meaning, if a particular MOS is already overpopulated, there is no way they'll allow somebody to lat move into it, as that would just make the overpopulation problem worse.

    Currently, RECON is underpopulated so there is a better opportunity for lat move requests to be approved. Remember, one must still go through the RECON selection process and pass MART (RECON indoctrination). You don't just go from an infantry battalion into a RECON battalion.

    The normal route from infantry to RECON is to try out and be screened by their screening team. If selected, you then attend a two-week preparation course to get you prepared for MART. This is probably the route with lat moves too. Get screened, pass MART, and then they'll approve the lat move request.

    In your case. There is no way to say today what the population in RECON will look like at your 2 year point - and if they will even be considering lat moves then.

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    Lets try graduating boot camp first or even becoming infantry before you decide how you are going to lat move.

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    Took the words right out of my mouth lol.

    This is the same kid that posted this thread 2 days ago ???

    "Got offered Recon Contract; I'm colorblind"

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    Cart before the horse Rock. Let's plan our retirement ceremony before we hit MCRD.

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