3 years of obstacles
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    3 years of obstacles

    Good morning Marines, I am Poolee Barajas, Angel. I ship on May 9th of 2016. I'm stuck between MOS' Infantry and Combat Engineer, Any advise would be appreciated. I Have a wife and a soon to be 3 year old son. I have been waiting for three years to enlist dues to waivers, paperwork, working two/three jobs, not having time to go to the recruiting office every week, and much more, it got to the point where everyone knew me and our Gunnery Sgt asked me every week "are you sure you still want this?" and till this day I still respond the same way "Hell Yes Gunny". However finally after three years I have finally received my ship date and am preparing for the day. I am going to Boot camp as a contracted E-2. Any advise, comments, concerns? All would be appreciated.

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    Outstanding persistence !!!

    Anyone of those MOS' I would take. Becoming a United States Marine is first and foremost.

    Keep out of trouble until you ship. Enjoy your time with family and friends.

    When you come back after earning the title we will work on changing your username if you like and I will change your status on the forum.

    Read my thread here. This is just about everything you need to know.


    Best of luck to you.

    Get some !!!

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    Thank You much appreciated

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    Poolee - you do show excellent determination, that makes me think you've got the right mindset to start out well and make it into the Corps. But one HUGE thing to consider, which I hope you've done already, at great length, is the effect you becoming a Marine and then having to live the Marine life will have on your young family.

    Life in the Corps really does affect the whole family, we have plenty of Marines on here who went through that combination in different ways - check out the information in this thread:


    And in the related links in the first post for some experiences. Be sure your recruiter has a chance to talk to you and your wife together, to explain what she'll have to deal with assuming you make it.

    I never had that situation, I was single until after I got out into the IRR the last time, but marriage and the Corps can be rough. It can also be great - you just have to know what you're (all) getting into from the start!

    Good Luck, let us know when you ship out and then if you get back we'll throw you a welcome aboard party!

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    We have discussed the situation and the impact that the Marine Corps will have on my life and my family as a whole. I will be shipping May 9th, I will keep the page updated if my date changes to ship. I will be back for the party haha thanks for the support.

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