In the DEP and recruiter tells me no Infantry spots left
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    In the DEP and recruiter tells me no Infantry spots left

    I am currently in the delayed entry program with a ship out date in August. I am going over final mos contacts with my recruiter and he told me that there are no spots left for infantry. I have heard of people getting stationed at their mos school, but not participate in any classes until their slot opens up. My question for you Marines is that can I still get that 03xx contract signed this year or am I lucked out and have to pick a different mos? I appreciate your time in reading this post and taking the time to help a poolee.

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    All combat support is taken as well. I just have this feeling that the recruiters are trying to put me in something away from what I want. As far as physical fitness goes im not worried about that considered I scored a perfect on my IST

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    IST scores mean nothing when applying for an MOS unless you have a failing IST/PFT and want to go MARSOC or something. Line scores and boat spaces dictate everything. if you think your recruiter is trying to screw you then dont ship until you get what you want. But if you think for a second your recruiter is has other motives behind placing you, you are fooling yourself and are thinking way too highly about yourself. You arent special get that directly out of your head, everything is based off of needs of the Marine Corps and right now where we are only 1 quarter into the new fiscal year there are probably very few infantry slots or combat arms jobs left due to them being highly sought after.

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    If you really want it try and push your ship date back two months to October when the new fiscal year starts.

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