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    I am seeking a copy of my yearbook.
    MCRD San Diego
    platoon 1080
    graduation September 30 1988

    the museum is out of stock.
    no books are on the internet that I can find. I have checked the sites provided and no luck.

    I do have a copy of the group graduation photo. If anyone needs a scanned copy emailed just let me know.

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    Hey Afternoon all.. I have Three New Platoon Books to List..
    The first one is for the Women Marines and the Platoon ,

    17A Sept. 22 , 1981 to Nov. 18 , 1981 Parris Island,S.C...

    The Next one is , Platoon 2043
    1July , 1981 to Sept. 11 , 1981 Parris Island S.C.

    The last one is Platoons 26 , 29 , 32 , 36 , 40 , and 46 all Platoons are from Parris Island sometime in the 50's Between 1953 to 1959..
    I hope one of these is your book...

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    Good evening everyone . I have a new Platoon book to list...
    Platoons 2024,2025,2026 series from Parris Island,S.C. February 5 ,2008 to April 25,2008.. Take care and I hope this is your book..

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    Marine1955 If you come across PI March -June 2006 please let me know (female)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malcom View Post
    Marine1955 If you come across PI March -June 2006 please let me know (female)

    Hey Malcom if you looked on the first page you will see links to help search for you year book ,also on eBay you can set up a search to look for your platoon book.. I hope that helps...I also Have many Women Marine book also..

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