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    Added a new book for Parris Island Books ..

    Platoon 368 From July 17 1972 to Oct. 2 1972

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    Will be sending two Platoon books home this week ...

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    Adding a new book

    Platoon 2081 Aug. 4 , 1983 to Oct 14, 1983
    If this is your book contact me by PM...

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    Thanks for your work
    I was a member of Platoon 198 at Parris Island. Head DI was TSGT Smith. Graduation was March 1956. You listed the Platoon number but date is wrong. How would I find my Platoon 198 graduation photo
    Victor Sormanti

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    I need help finding my father's platoon number. He went to boot camp in 1957, Parris Island but the information is not located on his DD214. He passed away when I was a child and I am looking for any military photos or information I can find. Vetrecs said no one was listed by his number but I have his DD214. Does anyone know a way to get platoon numbers?
    Thank you Julia

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    If you google "parris island platoon pictures" click the link How To Obtain Your Platoon Photo mclwestchester

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    Vsormanti. If you google "parris island platoon pictures" click the link How To Obtain Your Platoon Photo mclwestchester. I called them trying to locate my father's photo but I don't have his platoon number. They were very friendly, they should help you.

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