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    Last few posters are preaching to the choir.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nickyg1478 View Post
    Last few posters are preaching to the choir.
    If your the "CHOIR", then by all means take the time to enlighten us...

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    There's not much to say really. I whole-heartedly agree with you guys. Even with physical limitations sidelined, the emotional aspect is something extremely pertinent that needs to be taken into consideration as well. I don't see why we need to change our proven formula.

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    When the "GRUNTS" are not broken, then they don't need to be "FIXED"

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    Amen brother

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    When I was a grunt we didn't have women Marines with us, we had to live off the land so to speak.

    Seriously, this is one terrible idea for the simple reason that it's unfair to only give female Marines maternity leave.

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    Males do get some leave, but it is only 10 days of leave versus the like 6 months women get.

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    They ain't built the Woman Marine yet that could drink the amount of Beer in six months this Ole former Pointman can consume in 10days and still not be a F**king Tanglefoot that's riding the Cotton pony once a month lol

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    Just a heads up for anyone who invested any time in this thread. First 3 female infantry members hit the fleet this month. Google it.

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    Invested time in a thread ????
    NAH ......

    I was in here to complain anyway.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by m14ed View Post
    Invested time in a thread ????
    NAH ......

    I was in here to complain anyway.....

    That's funny LoL

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    I'm in 1/8 Weapons 81s plt. We just got 3 females...

    In my platoon of mortarman we just received our first female boot. Crazy...

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    Yeah dude I heard 1/8 is where they went. How is it? I heard they're already putting them in leadership positions. Is that true?

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    Holy CRAP...I'm getting old, but the tube and base plate for an 81 are each about 45 pounds if I remember right...I guess anyone who can carry those damned things on a long hump gets my respect. Will be interesting to hear how they do.

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    I am in first battalion eighth Marines and we got our first female this month. It isn't hearsay. They're mostly NCOs, my battalion got 3. They have their own barracks room (yes they live in same barracks as the men). So far we did one field op as 0341 where our female boot came and it showed that she was very inexperienced (as she should be since she just got to the fleet...) so this week we have just been going over the basics. She seemed to have forgotten all the basic Mortarman knowledge and same with scouting and patrolling, etc. Pretty much any 03xx knowledge we have needs to be force fed because she doesn't know a lot of it. As time goes I'm sure she will eventually learn. Although she falls out of PTs, just like the others that I have heard rumors about, she has a desire to learn and stay where she's at. I'm curious to see how she will do in our first crew serve hike.

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