MOS 6842 and other Recruiting questions
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    MOS 6842 and other Recruiting questions

    I recently found out that I can still sign up at the age of 29 (i thought the cut off was 27). I have a B.S. of Meteorology and been working in the field for 3 years at TV stations. I was wondering, if I sign a contract for MOS 6842, am I guaranteed that job so long as i pass the training? Is there a chance I'd sign a contract and they decided to have me kick in doors overseas? Since I have a degree, can I be an officer with mos 6842 or am i stuck as enlisted? When i talk to recruiters, what sort of questions should I ask them since most information is available online, and recruiters tend to lie (no offense to the recruiters)?

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    There is no such thing as a guaranteed MOS.

    You can click on any of the links under " Similar Threads " and get most of your questions answered which are a lot. It's right under your post.

    Marine Corps Recruiters lie ? I think not.....

    If not hang around and Marines will be by to help you, or not.....

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    If you don't trust recruiters, why even bother talking to one? Get you a nice weatherman's job at your local TV station.

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    1) You cant sign on for a specific MOS for active duty. You sign into an MOS field, and which one you get is pretty much luck of the draw. Only way to guarantee an MOS is by going reserves.

    2) There is no Commissioned Officer MOS availability under the 6800 field.

    3) No one is "kicking in doors overseas" now. Not even infantry.

    4) If you want to be a 6800, ask the recruiter "do you have any 6800 MOS'?"

    5) I think you should just stay a civilian and pursue your meteorology career as a civilian. Why one would want to be a Marine Corps meteorologist is beyond me.

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    With a Meteorological Degree, you should talk with an Officer Selection Officer (OSO) about joining specifically for the METOC Program. Not sure how things work for the science fields as far as a guaranteed MOS>

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    Correction to my previous, there IS officer positions under the 6802 MOS, but it's only awarded to Warrant Officers through CWO5 and Capt to LtCol. So you can't simply commission as a 6802 out of TBS as a 2ndLt. You can jump to the officer ranks from the enlisted side via the warrant officer program after serving a considerable amount of time. However, your age (29) complicates this greatly.

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    How the hell would the o p know if recruiters tend to lie

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    Must be a liar himself. What's that thing they say ? Takes one to know one ?

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    Go for it or you'll never know if you could have made it. You're kinda old to try and keep up with the young recruits, but who knows. I need someone who knows how to predict the weather on my farm. The ones out here in Kansas sure can't. Good luck to you!

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