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    I know a better idea put that lessor uniform in the closet don't put that junk on a Marine uniform and you can always look at that lessor uniform in the closet, lol, Semper Fidelis.

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    I don't know much about transferring medals, wings, badges and such, all I know is if I had gone into another branch I would certainly continue to wear all my Marine Corps Memories. Now, if they could take some of those away that would be OK as well.

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    His screen name is FiveJumpChump. That means, if he is being honest, he only has the 5 jumps from completing Airborne School. He would not rate the gold wings because he does not meet the requirements.

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    dated 31 Mar 03

    4002. BREAST INSIGNIA. (See fig. 4-4.)

    1. General

    a. Per the current edition of MCO P1000.6, Assignment Classification and Travel Systems (ACTS) Manual and whose right to wear the insignia has not been specifically revoked, a Marine qualified or designated as a naval aviator, naval flight officer, Marine aerial navigator, naval aviation observer, naval or combat aircrew member, parachutist, explosive ordnance

    disposal technician, or U.S. Navy diver, will wear appropriate breast insignia according to the following regulations.

    d. Only those breast insignia listed in these regulations are authorized for wear on Marine Corps uniforms.

    e. Other U.S. service pilot/navigator insignia and foreign pilot insignia may be worn, but only as authorized in subparagraph 4002.3.

    3. Regulations for Wear

    f. Other U.S. service pilot/navigator insignia or foreign pilot insignia earned while the individual was a member of the foreign or other U.S. service may be worn provided the insignia is a duly authorized qualification insignia. These insignia may be worn on the right breast, in the same manner as Navy/Marine Corps insignia are worn on the left breast, without specific CMC authorization.

    h. When two Navy/Marine Corps aviation insignia are worn at a time, the senior insignia will be worn 1/8 inch above the other as follows (from top to bottom):

    (1) Naval Aviator and Naval Aviation Pilot (2) Naval Flight Officer

    (3) Marine Aerial Navigator

    (4) Naval Aviation Observer

    >CH 5 (5) Combat Aircrew. Individual option, but may not be worn with Naval aircrew.

    >CH 5 6) Naval Aircrew. Individual option, but may not be worn with combat aircrew.

    l. Not more than two USMC-approved breast insignia will be worn on the left, and not more than one foreign pilot or other U.S. service pilot/navigator insignia will be worn on the right, at any time.
    Not sure why Naval Aircrew would not transfer since it is listed as a badge that could be worn on the Marine Corps uniform.

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