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    sometimes i wonder
    just where the F lock
    I'm posting..

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    "The Lieutenant" (1963-64). Story about 2nd Lt., Naval Academy grad's experience at first duty station, Camp Pendleton (also film site). Series (only aired one season) got me so motivated, I was one stroke from joining the PLC program. Took college art history that summer and nearly flunked it. So upset I enlisted in the Corps! As Walter Cronkite used to say, "and that was the way it is."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Boz View Post
    Picture is not showing up for some reason. Way too early for me to watch the original series, but my Saturday morning routine includes the re-runs of

    The Rifleman

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    My Little Margie
    77 Sunset Strip
    Route 66
    The Mickey Mouse Club
    Walt Disney's Disneyland
    Walt Disney Presents
    Disney's Wonderful World of Color
    Rin Tin Tin
    American Bandstand
    The Bob Cummings Show
    Friday Night Boxing
    Broken Arrow
    I Love Lucy
    Car 51 Where Are You?
    Have Gun - Will Travel
    Highway Patrol
    The Millionaire
    My Three Sons
    Leave It To Beaver
    Our Miss Brooks
    And the list goes on and on and on......................................

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    Peter Gunn and Track Down

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    I was allowed to stay up late on Friday nights but my dad watched "Friday Night Boxing" which came on at 9:00 PM so I seldom made it past 9:15 PM. This was '56-'57.

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