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    Rousey Mouse-ie

    Did this lady get her butt whooped up pretty good? This was EMBARRASSING. Holm not only beat her up pretty good, she literally DESTROYED her.

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    I knew if Holm could stay outside, punch and kick (her strengths), she had a good chance at beating Rousey. And that is exactly what Holm did. Oh, well.

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    She had to lose eventually. We'll see how the rematch goes.

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    I don't know if a rematch is a good idea for Rousey. She's got other things going on, like making movies and commercials. Only reason she may want to go at it again with Holm is to get a bit of revenge, but I don't see Rousey matching up with this lady. It wasn't even close.

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    Holm already offered the rematch. We'll see if Rousey takes it.

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