Just back from Cape Coral Florida. Not a big fan of Florida. I can't believe its November and in mid 90's there, hotter than hell, gotta be miserable in July, just like here in Houston. Kind of warm here in Houston still, must be El Nino, however, there is light at the end of the tunnel, gonna cool down some, 50's at night this week.
I flew into Fort Lauderdale, where I called an old buddy of mine I worked with on Saipan years back, he is a mechanic working in Fort Lauderdale International Airport. I haven't seen this guy in over ten years. Had lunch with him and proceeded on to Cape Coral via the "Alligator Alley" on I-75. Stayed with my older brother whom had this suite set up by his company where he retreats from time to time. I'm talking millions of dollars type of place overlooking some fine yachts. All to ourselves. Definitely nice to see how the other half lives. But all in all, I don't envy at all. I'm satisfied with my life, and Cape Coral, though nice, isn't my idea of a retirement, but if I had all that kind of money, why not right?

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