Mexican Hurricane Express
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    Mexican Hurricane Express

    Interesting meteorological phenomena. Huge hurricane Patricia slams into the Jalisco coast in Mexico, between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo, and straight into Texas after, fortunately for us in Texas, the Mexican mountains took care of the breakdown and winds, but nonetheless, bringing nasty rains here in Houston for the past two days. Today, cooler, and overcast, but no more rain.
    They say its headed now towards the North Eastern U.S. Imagine that. Usually storms running from the Gulf of Mexico or in the case of cold fronts coming from the north. This time, straight from the Pacific Ocean and right into Texas. Nasty stuff.

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    Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo dodged a big bullet.

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    That El Nino is some funny stuff. Won't be surprised to see it snow in Mexico or something like that. I remember one El Nino year, Guadalajara got some snow.

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    We are starting to get rain from it here in East Tennessee today - should be heavier tomorrow and Wednesday with clearing by Thursday.

    Start my Norwegian cruise to Mexico this Sunday (including USMC birthday celebration). Need the hurricanes to stay away at least through Nov 9th.

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    Pitter Patter Pitter Patter.....I know what you mean. This was definitely a late hurricane, yours truly, El Nino. Don't want to say you will hit smooth winds and fair seas, but the ocean is the ocean, lived in it for 5 years on ships and they can have a cynical twist to their means.

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