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    Can Do

    Yessir Master GunZ..."Can Do"Attitude...When them Colors are Cracking in tha Wind~~~~~~them Battle Streamers do all the Talking 4 us Semper Fi

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    Bottom Line... The resounding majority of US military service-members consider their enlistments to be a "job". THIS denotes a way of life. Carry on, Marines!

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    0341 and Proud of it! Nothing better than a Grunt Marine!

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    0311's lead the way.

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    Grunts who served in Nam have many stories to tell....most aren't good. We lived a hellish life in the bush. We never waited for the enemy to show up......we were constantly searching for danger. It takes a different kind of Man to look for something that might kill 'em. That being said.....we would have been useless without all the Marines in support.

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