How do i know if i qualify for a gwot?
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    How do i know if i qualify for a gwot?

    Good afternoon, i just want to put it out there that i understand the gwot is given after 30 consecutive days starting after mos once you hit the fleet, but i am currently a reservist and understand that the requirements are 60 nonconsecutive days. Now i know you can view the days on mol, but the point system is confusing, giving points to regular drill days, then i have active duty days when i got sent for ados orders, etc. Which points on mol go towards your gwot ? Thanks in advance.

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    Ask your company 1stSgt or your I-I Admin Chief.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tennessee Top View Post
    Ask your company 1stSgt or your I-I Admin Chief.
    DO NOT go up to your 1st Sgt and ask this....same with your Admin'll get laughed out of the office

    don't worry about it, your admin section will get a notification in MCTFS/MOL when you rate it and it will get entered in boots get theirs after that 60 non-consecutive day a few of my Marines checked in back in June, they just got theirs in the system last month

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    Read the order it that simple.

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    Not always will it be entered automatically. I currently found out I do rate the GWOT medal but have to upload an EPAR on Mol with a copy of my ados orders containing the dates , the GWOT criteria and date of when I started boot camp. Hopfully yours was less then a hassle then mine currently

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    Looks like we've answered our own question.

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