Teen finds $88,904; gives it to police
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    Cool Teen finds $88,904; gives it to police

    January 14, 2004
    Teen finds $88,904; gives it to police

    by F.T. Norton

    When Luke Schober, 18, made the last round of his Sunday night shift of collecting grocery carts, he made an awesome discovery - a bank bag containing dozens of $100 bills.

    The Douglas High School senior and South Carson Albertsons courtesy clerk put the bag into his pocket, finished his task, then marched quietly past fellow employees and handed the bonanza over to his manager at Albertsons. She called police.

    The cash totaled $5,000. A later inventory by Carson City Detective Steve Johnson revealed a grand total of $88,904 in cash, checks and money orders.

    Not once did Schober, headed for the Marine Corps in August, consider anything but finding the rightful owner, his mother said Tuesday.

    "He didn't have any other choice in his mind. That was the only thing for him to do," Michelle Schober said proudly. "He is an excellent son."

    Johnson said a Reno businessman, who had taken advantage of U.S. Bank's Sunday hours at Albertsons, left the bag in the cart after loading his groceries into his car.

    The unnamed investment consultant left an emotional message Monday on the Schobers' home answering machine after he had collected his bag from the Sheriff's Department.

    "You found my money. You saved my life," he said, his voice shaking. "You saved my life, man."

    About the same time the message was being left, Luke Schober happened to go into the store and meet the man, said Michelle Schober. "He gave him a substantial reward," she recalled.

    Luke Schober was unavailable for comment because of an Albertsons' policy in which employees are not allowed to speak with the media, said Danielle Killpack, a Portland, Ore.-based spokeswoman for Albertsons.

    Sheriff Kenny Furlong said Schober's actions make him a role model.

    "I think that is it absolutely amazing and applaudable," he said. "This is a kid, who, for no reason other than his own integrity, did the right thing. It would have been so easy to allow greed or impulse to take over. Too often we hear about those kids that have gone astray. Here's one that stood up to a challenge."

    He said the department is considering some way to recognize that honesty.

    Johnson said he, too, was impressed by the young man's decision. "This shows substantial character on his part. What an incredible temptation to pass that up."

    Contact F.T. Norton at ftnorton@nevadaappeal.com or 881-1213.


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    Semper Fi! Wasn't it a unit of Marine Engineers that was entrusted to break open an Iraqi Bank last year? That op was worth quite alot more than $82k!

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    I found a quarter once...but never found the real owner...

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    "I found a quarter once" - that is hilarious. One very slow and boring Sunday afternoon in El Toro, we super-glued a quarter at the top of the stairwell in the barracks. We camped out with a 12 pack and watched the Marines that tried scooping up the quarter. Finally one enterprising Marine returned with a hammer and chisel and robbed us of our fun.

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    It's all about choices, isn't it? Looks like this boy will make a good Marine...

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    Actually the $$$ in Iraq only turned up to be a small of amount! Not anything close to 82k. Not to bust the bubble! My good friend Capt. J. Dunne was G. Co. Commander and the lead assault. When I asked him about the large amounts of $$ he set me straight and told me it was all hype created from the media.

    Eiether way it is all about choices! This is a good story. Makes you feel good! Semper Fidelis.

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    It all goes back to one's "Core Values".
    It's a great reflection on him and his parents or single parent.
    Mom, say he a great son.
    We might say, he has a great mom!
    "The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree!"

    Semper Fidelis

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    Wink My kinda guy.

    That young man has a great sense of moral values and I too think that he will make an excellent Marine. I think a hearty Semper Fi is in order for this soon to be Devil-Dog.


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