Wanting join marines but have 3 records on my background
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    Wanting join marines but have 3 records on my background

    Ive been wanting to join the marines for awhile now and before my dui. Ive gotten a speed contest ticket and driving with a suspended license. And also had a Dui when i was 18. I am 20 years old now. Those are basically my only 3 records i have only. Ive done plenty of research and even called a recruiter to talk about my current situation on enlistment. They told me theyre not able to work with me until my Fee is paid off and my bench probation is over. I am going togo into the recruiting center sometimes this week to talk more about it but i just want to know if im still eligible to enlist into the marines if i were to pay off all my fee by this year. Also, is it possible to get my bench probation lifted so i can atleast guarantee enlistment. I am willing to hire a defense attorney to have me probation terminated so i may join the marines. I want to take this path seriously but i feel like my past incidents are going to DQ me. Any suggestion or advice would help me. Should i give it a shot or am i wasting my time on trying to get into the marines when im not qualify anymore.

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    Nothing you do can "guarantee enlistment." Your DUI and suspended license cases at the very least, will require a moral waiver. There is no guarantee for those. The DUI at 18 also carries with it an alcohol problem stigma.

    You can hire a lawyer to motion for an early termination of your probation, but that too is no guarantee.

    You can go see the recruiters, but they will tell you the same thing as they did on the phone. In these days of manpower reductions, the Corps has become very picky about who they take.

    One last point, Marines and Marine Corps are always capitalized. We're quite picky about that too.

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    You are one of hundreds who come on here with the same unfortunate circumstances of not only wanting to join the Corps but destroying his own chances of doing so.

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    Unless you're wealthy, I would not recommended wasting your money on a defense attorney - they are quite expensive.

    Don't understand how you can believe the Marine Corps would take you when there are more applicants than they need with CLEAN records. Makes no sense at all.

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    Sometime one has two brains....one is lost and the second one is out looking for it!

    Marine Corps has zero alcohol an drug tolerance!

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    Try the Peace Corps.

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    You say you've wanted to join the Marine Corps for awhile now yet you put yourself in a position to not be able to enlist.....good thinkin!

    Go talk to the Army

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