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    MOS question

    I'm a female. Now that that is out of the way.

    I'm wanting opinions on MOS options.
    My asvab score is decently high, roughly an 89.

    I did army for 5 years as a mechanic. I don't really miss it.

    I'm looking for a job that can translate into a future high paying civilian career of I ever opt to get out or I'm forced out of active duty for any reason.

    My interest lie in hands on jobs. I'm no girly girl and getting my hands dirty is a great time for me. I'm not really a desk person. I am highly inquisitive always seeking more knowledge in any area I can get it, and my friends say I'd be a great investigator as I can always find the answers I seek.

    Any suggestions?

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    Have you talked with a Marine recruiter yet? During these draw down times the Corps is being rather picky about taking prior service people, including Marines. If you do have a recruiter willing to take you on, that is the person you should discuss MOS options with and narrow the choices.

    Your probably know this, but if you are accepted into the Corps you will have to go through boot camp and take a bust to PFC (E2).

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    what Zulu said

    If being a mechanic interests you, get into an airframe mechanic/electrician mos. I know a few guys who were and one now works at Boeing making pretty decent $$$

    all that said....if you want a high paying civilian career you are going to have to either be an entrepreneur and make your own success story or get a college degree(at least a BA/BS). My buddy for example that works at Boeing, he is capped out on his salary(a bit under 6-figures) until he decides to go back to school for some sort of engineering degree to continue at his job and make more money.

    you already did time in the Army....have you considered going to school on your GI Bill??.....tuition is covered AND you literally get paid to be in school

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    I second the airframe mechanic thing. If I could do it all over, I would've went into the wing.

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