BAH even if my wife is not with me?
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    BAH even if my wife is not with me?

    I got 1 day to decide rather I want to join active or reserves. If I choose active, and after boot camp, mct, and mos school.

    In order to receive the housing does my wife have to be with me in order for me to receive the housing? Or can she be in her city, and I can still receive the housing without her being physically here with me. I really want to do active duty, but my wife actually works at a google as a software engineer and, there is no way she will quit this job to move out with me.

    Its either I do active on my own or do reserve and stay in the city. to sum it up, I am curious if I can get the housing without her being physically here (where i will be stationed) with me.

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    you do not automatically rate BAH because you're married, so I guess the answer would be no you will not get it if she is not with you

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    you will rate BAH if you are married but you'd have to see if your command allows you to be a Geo Bachelour which many commands wont allow or wont like because the Marine Corps would be paying for housing twice for you.

    Go read up on MCO 11000.22 it refers to Geo Bach around pg 10-8

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    I realize this is too late for you, but I'm posting in case others have a similar question. The reference Munky supplied is great, but I'll summarize.

    If you're married to a civilian, you rate Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). While in training, you receive BAH at the rate for the location of your spouse/dependent. Once you're assigned to a duty station, you get BAH for your location unless you're not allowed to bring your spouse. If your unit has space in the barracks, they can give you a room and you can use your BAH to pay for your spouse's housing. If they don't have room (or they're just not willing to give you free housing on top of your BAH), you'll have to find a place to stay in town. If you're in the barracks and they need the room, you can get kicked out on very short notice. You cannot live in on-base family housing by yourself. Your spouse cannot live in base housing in a location other than where you're stationed.

    (This is the usual policies. There can be exceptions to almost anything, but don't count on it.)

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