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    Hello, I am using this since i cannot create my own atm for some reason. I am a CPL currently on IRR. I realize my mistake in getting out of active duty. I have tried to put a PSEP package to re-enlist through a general recruiter out in town, however I feel he is slow in action and says I have to wait until Oct. for when slots open up. I contacted a prior service recruiter but he only deals in going into the Reserves. I am told my contract ends sept. and that I need to extend he. He says the best way to go about this and re-enlist active is to extend and join local reserve unit using IRR, and submit a PSEP through career planner. I am worried I am getting jerked around a little here. My goal is to go active, not reserve, I did a little over a year after I got out active and I do not like it in comparison to being fully active. I love my job *0341* I love my Corps. I just want to get back in as quick as possible. Any help with this would be much appreciated, Thank you.

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