Leave the DEP's and see different recruiter?
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    Leave the DEP's and see different recruiter?

    As of where I am at now. My recruiter and I initially talked about November as a ship date before we went up to meps. I said possibly but I may need a little later. Passed meps did good on the Asvab and they asked me to sign for Nov. I said the same thin they said they could work with my recruiter, I signed. So I explained to my recruiter last week that having worked the last 4 years at my current company they would like me to finish the year before I leave, plus I would receive my holiday bonus. That I'm in a current lease with a roomate till January and with the landlord being a family member I would like to finish out and clean the place before I leave. That my family wants me to finish the holiday before I leave. He said he'd call to get me switched. No result. They tell me it's either nov or Dec or they will not work with me. We look at the jobs for both months. My first pick, the mp contract got picked up immediately by someone else. Sucks. I scored high enough they said for Intel which was my second choice. Then they said because I tried pot in highschool twice I got DQ'd and they're not gonna fight for the waiver. I got ****ed because they told me writing that on there would not DQ me from any job when we lied about a wrist fracture when I was 12. The only other contract that does interest me is uv/uw or motor t. I really wanted intel at best, I have grown up speaking chinese, have been there, can learn it as a second language, i am very determined, and I know I can do well at a Mos like this.They won't fight for me on intel or consider bumping me to Febuary for the next mp contract. I called my friends recruiter he said he can't talk to me about the situation. That I need to talk to my recruiter. I'm about to tell them to **** off, drop from dep with them, and go see another recruiter or talk to a different branch.

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    You tell'um "SWEETPEA"...
    you're free ,white,
    a highschool graduate
    and probibly over 21...........

    just who do they think they are ?

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    Thanks for the intelligent reply.

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    So drop from the DEP...the Corps does not cater to you, any other Poolee, or any actual Marine for that matter.

    If you're gonna cry about things like this now, you'll be in for a rude awakening when hit the fleet and you can't make it to Granny's funeral or something else because of a movement or deployment

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    You are trying to get hired by an employer who does not need you - that's why they don't need to go out of their way to work with you. There is a force reduction going on (in the other services too - the Army is releasing 5000 soldiers). It's called sequestration - Congress mandated troop reductions (the services have no choice in the matter). The USMC has already deactivated infantry battalions, artillery batteries, and aviation squadrons with more cuts looming. Congress has indicated it has no intention of ending sequestration (as a means to cut the defense budget). If you feel you have a better chance of getting hired by one of the other branches you need to jump on it. Otherwise, do what your USMC recruiter tells you to do and hope you can get a contract while they're still offering you one (may not be there after Nov/Dec).

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    Well thank you guys for your insight.

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    I'm positive contracts will be there especially when they have kids lined out till next summer. Especially when a friend I met at meps had his contract bumped a semester so he could finish schooling, and my other friend is getting a contract in Jan because he wants recon and that the next availability. I understand once I'm in, I'm theirs. I get that. I have no problwm with that. My problem is I'm trying to cut ties neatly before I leave, and it's obvious the recruiter simply needs to fill these holiday slots as he's already stated. I'm irritated about the fact they will not give me a shot at intelligence because of highschool Marijuana, and won't bump me two months for a contract I want after my second choice got picked up. Do what my recruiter says? Sounds like mindless drone to me. I'm offering to give up the next four to five years of my life to this organization. I'm going from making 70k welding a year to a very low wage scale. I'm trying to get things straightened before I leave and the fact that two to three months is such a deal to the corps is ridiculous.

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    we're not picking on you..
    all we're saying is it is
    your time,
    and your future.....

    ROLL THE DICE or don't
    you're the one to suffer from
    your decision......

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    You're an idiot OP they said they would get you a drug waiver for intel but you obviously arent even paying attention to the crap you are saying. If you tried it even once you need a waiver thats the only thing I needed a waiver for. Now youre crying and acting like a child after all the work your recruiter put into you because you found out will need a drug waiver.

    If you are this butt hurt about needing a waiver and crying that you are going to miss a holiday with your family you betterswitch your plans princess because chances are you are going to miss a lot more holidays with your family.

    Think about this for a minute too before you start pretending you are some special flower, the Marine Corps doesnt need you non of the branches NEED you they already have bodies lined up out the door just dying to go to recruit training the fact the recruiter put that much effort into you already should say enough but dont get it twisted you are most definitely not needed. The military will go on without you.

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    I don't see how they CAN go on without him, Munky. He's about to sign up for four or five years of his life, as he said. Surely that must be worth something to the Corps.

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    It makes sense to want to tie up loose ends before heading off to boot camp, but that can't always happen. And keep in mind that there is no such thing as a generic "recruiter", in the sense that they're all the same.

    They too have their individual personalities, and where one might work with you and actually go out of his way for you, another might not see it that way, or perhaps thought your wanting to tie up loose ends was too demanding in the way you presented it, or maybe it is just his personality, who knows.

    Anything is possible here. Although others were allowed to finish their business before heading out, in your case there might be other considerations, his deadlines, as you said, etc, don't forget that recruiters have higher ups riding them, too, as far as making quotas, get these people in here when we need them, and so forth. So try to make the best of it, or talk to other branches.

    The Marine Corps is not the only branch and it's certainly not for everyone. It takes all branches to make up a military machine, and everyone does their part. So think about that angle also, and explore other options. But these kinds of things may not be so simple as they seem at first glance, like most things in life, there's more going on below the surface.

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    If mindless drone and inconvenience bothers you as much as it appears then the USMC is definitely not the place for you. The Marine Corps is always right and always comes first (according to it anyway). You need to text your recruiter today and tell them you have officially dropped from the DEP. Then, go down the hallway and talk to the Army - they will be glad to accommodate you (may even offer you an intel contract).

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