Afghanistan 2001, 1/12 Alpha Battery
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    Question Afghanistan 2001, 1/12 Alpha Battery

    I'm just curious if any of you can relate to "worrying" about your Marines. I was in artillery, some of you were in infantry. We were always around things that went boom. I bit my primer, got my swab in the mouth. I bit that ****.

    I got jumped and thrown in the mud by the other docs' conspiring. I got his ass back. That was great.

    That was training in Japan. Cold and miserable. Had the real danger of death. Had a 7-ton and M777 Howitzer start to jacknife towards us while maneuvering the wet training area.

    Point is. We're present the most often. Have you ever prayed to God at each checkpoint? Ever been on a ****ter in a 300mx300mx300m triangle and hear an IED go off so loud that you thought it was a bomb? Then you hear footsteps and a Marine telling me to be prepared that the local security convoy was hit. [Other doc was out] less that 1k out.

    Though I never fired my rifle at anyone... I was in Firebase Saenz for 1/12 A for the push and there were plently of stressful events. Consequently, that MArine in that IED has committed suicide with 1 kid and his wife pregnant. Afghanistan is haunting. [about 4 years later]

    How do we see it different knowing we have the Marines' lives in our hands? Can anyone explain it?

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    Hello Doc Riley,I've been where your at.Some Corpsman are better than others.When you take that Hippocratic Oath,and you Care for and "Heal a Marine"you become more "Responsible" for their Lives than before.This is quite common for "Corpsman".Your Just saying-"It's your job,to do the Best you possibly can"and you Gut says the same thing.As for "Praying"-DEFINITELY-It All Adds Up and you carry it-Even After you Get Home Home Safe.The TRUTH is No-Good-Deed Goes UNPUNISHED-But as A Corpsman you become Programmed To GIVE your ALL-and you Can't Live with yourself-If you Don't-Do the Best for Every Hurt or Sick Marine.This Is the Song Playing in your Mind-That's all.I hope this helps you to understand your MOS 8404/0311........,...God Bless you Doc and Semper Fi Always. "WE ARE HEALERS"Marines COME FIRST"-THIS IS OUR CALLING".......THIS IS "OUR" "WORK".

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    Well,easy for me to say,I lived and have all my parts-but,I've seen Corpsman,and Medic's and Marines that were not as lucky as me.As,i see it now,I was not a Brave Corpsman-and although I did my job-I probably could have done more,but I would be dead also.This has bothered me though the years.I always went where i was sent.I never tried to get out of anything;except repelling from a helicopter at Camp Pendelton.I have the Greatest Respect for All Medic's,Corpsman,and Marines."WE are all Brothers".Just had to say this.God Bless you all.......Allan.

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    Correction:when I say,"I did my job"I mean to say,I did the very Best I could,for each and Every Marine.Period.The longer I was in Vietnam-under my conditions-I got better and better at it and more dedicated each and every day.I had better Combat Training at Camp Pendelton,then most Corpsman.13 months in a weapons company and 4 months in an H&S company.Most Corpsman only received 1 month in a FMF Corpsman Marine Training Company,and then got sent straight to NAM.I have always said "that-All Corpsman should have been sent to Second ITR-just like all Marines."They would have had a Better chance of Survival.I was in at least 5 War-Game Operations at Camp Pendelton.Each lasting at least 2 weeks.Up Wet-Nets,Down Wet-Nets-on a ship for a number of days.Then,assaulting the Beach at Camp Delmar.I played every part in these Million Dollars War Games.Yup,I was a Grunt Corpsman.So,as I once explained-I was sent to an AIR-Wing.Did I complain?-HELL NO.So,I worked my Ass OFF.I was Great-full-so I even worked Harder.Worked at FIRST MED-also some times.REAL WAR STUFF.I went through Villages also.Got shot at-but never spent 30 days in the Bush or went through a rice Patty.Did,I want to be with RECON-Regular or Forced.NO Way-FLY MEDI-VAC,like DocGreek,NOPE-so that's why,I wasn't so Brave.Other Corpsman were,IT TAKES BALLS-but I was Good at TENDING MARINES,so that was my Justification.I worked so hard I almost died of MONO-not the kissing kind.Read my Profile.YEAH,I Saved Lives,and that was good enough for me.I've been on Leather Neck since June 2010-a lot of you guys are Hero's-well,I'm NOT.So that's my story HM3 Riley,and all my Friends here.I have a cold and I will live.SEMPER FI FOREVER..........................

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