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Thread: sunglasses

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    can anyone provide a source where any Marine Corps regulation actually states that sunglasses cannot be worn on your head indoors while in civilian attire or where it specifically states that sunglasses are head gear?

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    there is no order or actual regulation for stuff like that, it's just in poor taste(in the Corps anyway). Don't worry about though, just don't do it

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    sure needs Vet-ing,,,
    he's trying to put himself over
    as an E8 , in the Marinecorps around 1997......

    I YELL Bull$hit

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    you think 18 years is too old or young to be an e8?

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    why is it in bad taste? what makes it so?

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    Troll, if you were a Master Sergeant/First Sergeant you wouldnt be asking such a stupid question.

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    What is a troll? It was a couple simple questions.

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    There are no specific orders and regulations regarding sunglasses (specifically) to be worn on the head. It is in poor taste , however. The current order references hats and covers worn indoors and is currently being revised to be more inclusive of other items (such as glasses and headphones worn indoors). It is not professional looking at all.

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    Thanks for the answer. I haven't found anything written anywhere about it. Everyone has their own opinion on how it looks but the gospel is what I'm looking for, if anything actually exists.

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    If your looking for the gospel MCO P1020.34G is your uniform gospel. As I said, sunglasses are not referenced specifically in the MCO - that may save a young marine from actually getting an official counseling - but it won't save him from an ass chewing (especially from a SNCOIC) .... I have seen Marines try to pull the "but theres no Order against it!" against a MGySgt and the results were hilarious

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    Eyeglasses. Eyeglasses, when worn, will be conservative in
    appearance. Eccentric or conspicuous eyepieces are prohibited. Chains,
    bands, or ribbons will not be attached to eyeglasses; however, eyeglass
    restraints are authorized for safety purposes, but must be of conservative
    style/design. Sunglasses, when worn, will be conservative in appearance
    without ornamentation. Manufacturer logos should be small and inconspicuous.
    Sunglasses may be worn on leave, liberty, and in garrison but not in
    formation unless prescribed by the commander or certified medical authority.
    When authorized for wear in formations, sunglass lenses will be of standard
    green, black, or brown shade or may be the type commonly referred to as
    "photosensitive." Sunglasses that do not have "photosensitive" lenses will
    not be worn indoors.

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    Yep read it numerous times.

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    Im not stupid enough to put all my personal info all over the Internet. What knowledge do you suppose I lack about the Marine Corps? You don't know a thing about me and that's probably a good thing for you. Your just one of those *******s that lives on the Internet talking **** to everyone like a telephone tough guy.

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