Grunt EAS'ing wanting to go Corpsman side AD
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    Grunt EAS'ing wanting to go Corpsman side AD

    I am getting out honorably this October and I am trying to go the corpsman route (preferably SARC route) recently, I visited a navy recruiter and he basically told me it'll be impossible to go navy corpsman active duty, and my best bet is to go reserves and just try to go active duty while I am a reservist. Now I may not be the smartest guy in the world, but I'm pretty sure it's damn near impossible to go from reservist to active as easy as he says. If there are any recruiters with some experience who would care to drop any advice to me, please feel free to. I'm sure the recruiter had some truth to his statement since the navy is "Down sizing" but I just want to double check and make sure he isn't just being lazy and not wanting to do the paperwork. Any info would help, thanks.

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    Too bad you werent in the Marine Corps during the early 80s because 3of my buddies in relieving class were Marines who recently got out.

    Semper Fi and good luck my brother.

    Stephen Doc Hansen HM3 FMF

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    Hard to say. Recruiters (any branch) are going to put you into the piece of the puzzle they need to to meet mission - and it changes all the time. My niece is a Navy recruiter (hates it) in Ohio. One month they're pushing her for just females, next month just blacks, next month only reservists, and the cycle continues.

    You have no choice but to play by their rules. Good luck to you Devil.

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