What do I bring to MOS School?
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    Question What do I bring to MOS School?

    I will be getting to my MOS School on Sep08, 2015 and i don't really know what to bring as well as what i'm allowed to bring. My training will be at Dam Neck for the Intel field. So any advice and/or wisdom would be appreciated.

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    Whatever you were required to take to MCT, take with you to your MOS school.

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    My son is at his MOS school now. We went to see him over the 4th of July, and the only thing that he wanted us to bring him was more civies.

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    Bring your A Game! The Intelligence field is in need of many educated, motivated, and aggressive individuals like yourself. Pay attention and get as much as you can out of school, ask plenty of questions. Often NCO's will speak of their experiences so listen to them as well.Learn as much as you can. From my experience OJT kicks but as well. Semper Fidelis!

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    PVTMarcus: Remember, "There is No Such Thing As FFIS-Friendly Foreign Intelligence Service".

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    unless you got PTAD from MCT you will go stgraight from MCT to your school. Bring with you as little as possible if you are a 31 you will only be there for like 3 months. But you arent going to listen and you are going to get an Xbox or playstation and a tv and all that crap which you can bring but being you wont be there long all that stuff is useless. Good luck youll need it Ive heard some horror stories about dam neck.

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    My best advice for MOS school is, if they tell you that you're not allowed to dip inside, then don't be the guy who stores his spitter in his wall locker. It's not a good day when there's a surprise locker inspection and some one else's dip spit gets poured all over your rack and floors.

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    PVTMarcus- Another thing, due to the current situation with the terrorism International and Domestic as far as being a Marine goes. Let alone an Intelligence Marine. Avoid telling people your MOS, also you may want to avoid telling individuals your a Marine altogether. Also avoid flashing US Military affiliation on multi-media. I'm speaking from experience, watch your six in the intelligence field. There are FIS Agents on US soil whom don't mean well. Just some food for thought. Semper Fidelis!

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    Lots of alcohol!....because MOS school is pretty much just like college

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