He hasn't shipped, is he still at MEPS?
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    He hasn't shipped, is he still at MEPS?

    My spouse left Sunday to MEPS and he was suppose to ship the next day, but got a wavier. He called me the next day and told me he was going to ship on Tuesday, then it got changed to Friday and now I don't know when he's shipping. He hasn't called yet and i've been awfully worried this whole week. Is he still at MEPS? and if he would be, what would he be doing?
    I had a friend contact the recruiter and he only provided with "he's leaving to boot camp", but never gave a specific day. I know he would call, theres no doubt he would.

    Another question.
    When a recruiter picks you up at 2AM, do they take you to MEPS, or to the Bus? I thought Poolees left at night.

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    I understand your concern but does it matter?.......Uncle Sam is taking care of him

    I am sure he went to MEPs and went to/is on the way to the Depot...he probably just isn't gonna pick up with a receiving or training platoon right away

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