New here, Morning Marines
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    New here, Morning Marines

    Morning Marines, Iím not your average Marine, yes I went To Paris Island between April and July of 1978 graduated, then onto the 8th marines where I went to FROC school. I was with 1/8 headquarters before I volunteered for a med float, was to meet up with med float in Spain.
    Never met the Float, got caught up in legal issues with Spain, spent 3years 9 months trying to get out of it.
    I actually got sentenced to a 5 year prison sentence in Cadiz prison over there, served 13 months before my appeal and sentenced was reduced to a 6 month time served. Before that spent about a year and half in the Brigg on the Rota naval base, In and out, between there and the Marine barracks.
    I am an Honorable discharged Marine, Did nothing wrong except being in the wrong place at the wrong time, was only in Spain ONE day before arrested was waiting to go to my ship.
    Long story met up with a couple sailors who wanted to show me around town.
    I didnít do much in the Marines, At the barracks I did maintenance work, Did do a 6 month stint working with the Sea Bees running cable TV on the base in between going in and out of the Brigg and before going to prison.
    The Marines or Navy neither had any charges to hold or place on me for any actions I done, even earned my good conduct medal from the Marines while in Spain.

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    Thanks for telling us your criminal history. do you see anyone else introducing themselves like this, dirty linen and all??????????????????? LOL

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    What's your point dog? Are you trying to prove that the world is out to **** on you.

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    No, that he's innocent, twice now he's been locked up, and twice he is innocent. But why are we treated to this info?

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    Sounds like something out of the "Shawshank" movie, "In here, were all innocent"...!!!

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    I agree you were not an average Marine.

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    just about to say that....good one, Top

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    Welcome commdog1-this is a Good Place to Express yourself.Since your from New York,I had to say Hello.There are no-Things on Springs Inspections-but as Marines-We Are All Tight and Brothers.........Semper Fi and Enjoy........

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    Nothing unusual about his original post?

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    What's up with yau'll. The Corps was wrong. In between his jail and brig stints, he was an honest Marine. You know that old saying........I don't always spend most of my Marine enlistment in the Brig......but when I do.....I get an Honorable discharge!

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    Simply Amazing, Billy.

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    I was going along pretty well, till he still got a "good cookie medal " after going in-and-out of the Navy brig and Spanish prison. The very first offense would've nipped that in the bud!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tennessee Top View Post
    I was going along pretty well, till he still got a "good cookie medal " after going in-and-out of the Navy brig and Spanish prison. The very first offense would've nipped that in the bud!
    sounds like the Corps F'd up administratively, not NJPng for being arrested for whatever reason

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    I think Chesty said, anybody that didn't
    have at least One Office hours wasn't a
    real Marine........

    Drag yer'a$$ up, have a seat, and make
    yourself comfortable ........

    Some of us saw the elephant,
    some of us didn't. But , anyway
    Welcome Aboard and SemperFi

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    I got my cookie after makin up 30 days bad time, ,,,but you??

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